​Since you're here, that means you're finally ready to gain complete control and get your own website. It's a jungle out there, and without the right information, it's no wonder so many people are stuck on crowd-commerce sites like etsy. You can count on SwitchYourStore.com to get your site transitioned seamlessly to one of your own, using GoDaddy's Online Store.

ABOUT SwitchYourStore.com

We've been helping people like you get their own websites to further their business. While sites like etsy and similar are great for starting and exposure, they can be very limiting. We make this transition as smooth as possible.
Don't fear! SwitchYourStore.com manually migrates your existing store to GoDaddy's Online Store in an account under your control. Never lose access to your site!


Complete the form to the left for any questions about the service. If interested in having us migrate your existing e-commerce site to one of your own, include a number and time which you would be available to discuss it in detail.

We can also be reached at : 


The price for the migration depends on the number of products and the complexities of the current site. Generally, prices start around $200 plus $3 per product; advanced features may also increase the cost. A down-payment of 50% the total amount due is to be paid up-front, with the balance due after the website has been created. 

Worried about getting help after? GoDaddy offers 24/7 support for any of their clients (We even give them a call ourselves from time to time!)
We know what we're doing. GoDaddy's Online Store is used as it gives you, the business, an easy way to mange the site after initial set-up as well as access to many other advanced e-commerce features.